Karen Doonan

Nephilim, 25th March

Greetings dear ones we are here with you as you read our words and absorb our guidance. That which is now unfolding across planet earth is the new and we ask for all to process all guidance through the heart. The rainbows have begun to awaken and those who walk the earth carrying the rainbow tribes blood will begin to prepare the new earth for those who are awakening to the new earth.
The tales in your histories distorted even to the rainbow warriors for the time of the warrior has ended. The rainbow warriors lay down their swords, karma completed and the time of fighting dissolved, they now carry the rainbows deep within their BEing and work to pour the colours back into and beyond planet earth. We ask that you process all communications from any realm through the heart, the way forward is only through the heart for the heart is your connection to SELF.
We ask for those who resonate with the rainbows to bring the rainbows to all around them, we ask for them to detach from what is known on planet earth in order for them to remember, for this is journey of remembering dear ones, that which YOU know is deep within. Look to no other for confirmation of who you are nor why you are here, for all are children of GOD. We ask that the children of GOD now stand up to be counted for all is now changing and shifting, the GODs that you have been told are but faerie tales are TRUTH and we guide for all to anchor this deep within.
To create the new world the old world must be dissolved and the energies of the past weeks have worked to create this. For in detaching from the old you claim YOU. Many are not allowing the new to dissolve that which was created for them and to them we ask for your LOVE and compassion. For all ARE ONE, none above or below the other and we ask for you to pour the LOVE that IS around you, through you and within YOU as all move towards that which was always to BE.
Planet earth vibrationally is not the planet earth you were born onto and we ask for you to process this deep within your BEing for the changes are felt, they are not necessarily seen. The upgrading of vision and hearing part of the awakening process. Many are using the eyes they were born with and not the eyes of the BEing that they are to look at the changes on planet earth and we ask for you to process this. Do not look out across the world with eyes that are trained by the those who sought to control and contain, look across the world with the eyes that are YOU. We guide that not all will process our words for not all can hear our words and we guide the hearing will be honed as the veils are cleared during the awakening process. It IS a process, the teachings of distortion taking many to believe that the awakening is an event. As you grow and expand within your human vehicle you will remember and the memories will allow you to clear your vision and hone your hearing.
Many are now hearing the whisperings of those around them, many are able to clearly see the rainbows that shine high in the sky whilst others do not look up from the ground. We ask why you would read our words if you do not anchor TRUTH. We would ask why you would wait for a new world when that world is all around you and needs only your clarity of vision to see it.
There is much that is shifting across and within planet earth and more and more is being anchored on planet earth. The 144,000 who have incarnated to help anchor the new on planet earth now stir and begin to awaken to who they are. They are the rainbow tribes born afresh from the timelines and dimensions where they have fought to free the human race. In this timeline and dimension that freedom is here and they work now to harmonise all that is. We ask for those who can see and those who can hear to heed the call of the 144,000 and to respond, for they are but the crest of the wave that now cleanses the planet.
We ask that all wear the gold clearly for the gold is the new that has anchored on planet earth. Reach out to the skies and see the gold reflected for the gold is YOU. Do you FEEL it?
All are now moving rapidly towards the unfolding of the new for all on planet earth. The anchoring has allowed the new energies to burn away the veils so that those who were deeply asleep now simply slumber. There are many who are now moving around the karmic wheel and who will still slumber but their sleep is more peaceful than before. We thank you from our hearts to yours for this TRUTH.
Know that each and every human alive on planet earth is capable of anchoring the new, all that stops them or blinds them to TRUTH are the veils that were placed by those who sought to contain and suppress. Allow the veils to be dissolved and take the time needed to anchor TRUTH as it is revealed. To move rapidly through the veils may see you fall in vibration as the veils run deep. How deep will be revealed when you start the process of dissolving for many are then plunged into the oceans of grief. Know that none drown in these oceans, they offer a deep cleansing followed by a deep knowing as you swim deeper and deeper and unveil the levels of SELF denied to you by those who sought to contain you.
The time to implement the new is now dear ones, for we are the Nephilim and we walked your earth in a form that was recorded by the humans who lived in this timeline and dimension. We walk amongst you now and those who are able to see us will see us and those able to communicate will communicate. We are hidden in plain view and we ask that you process with the heart. We are YOU for we have never left YOU. We ask for you to reach deep within and to remember for the history you are taught is distorted. Another level of veil to keep you contained.
We did not rule over you, we ruled WITH you for we are you and you are we. None above the other in any dimension and timeline. Those who have now left the planet unable to force a rule that is not TRUTH on a planet that is out of balance. The balance is now within you for as each human comes into balance then mother earth comes into balance. We watch as many step out of the timeline and dimension they are incarnated to balance that which is out of balance and bring harmony to mother earth in this timeline. We send much love and blessings to these BEings for they have reached within and found TRUTH. We send out the call to those able to detach from the teachings that taught this is impossible and we ask for them to maintain the balance within. It is from this balance that distortion is dissolved. It is not from reading the teachings and trying to work them out logically. Logic another distortion put in place to subdue a race that has been separated from their hearts.
The rainbow and the heart is the key to the unfolding of the new dear ones. Those who walk the earth in rainbow form now work to bring in the new in increasing vibrations for the new is the new earth. The point of no return has been reached, the event horizon passed for the new is now unfolding in earnest across the planet earth. Detach from those who seek to teach that the new is not here, it is hidden in plain view, it was always in plain view. Those who sought to contain and suppress merely blinding a race that walked in darkness. The light is here, the light shines ever brightly across and within the planet earth.
We ask all to BE in the heart, for the heart is the key to the SOUL, do you hear the music that calls softly from the SOUL? Do you hear your heart as it sings to you? to listen to the heart go within and sit in the silence and listen. Listen not with the hearing that you have been taught you have, allow the hearing that YOU are to hear the music that resides within your SOUL. Many now search for the meaning in the new and ask why they are here, the heart is singing its response to YOU but many are not listening. Fixated on that which is taught to them whilst
being deaf to that which is within them. This is the new dear ones and we shower you with the gold that IS for the gold is the LOVE that IS in colour form, for if LOVE was a colour it would be gold and we ask that you pour the gold around you, through you and within YOU, for gold IS YOU.
We are the Nephilim and we will guide in due course. That which is unfolding is YOU dear ones and we ask that YOU dream and dream big. For nothing is impossible, to believe it is possible you need only connect with the LOVE that IS and allow the GOLD to pour through you. For the abundance is YOU, the universe is YOU, LOVE is YOU, for you are YOU. Do you understand our guidance? Until we communicate with you again we wish you good health and happiness.
Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
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