D. L. Zeta


Basking in the Eternal Sunshine of our Infinite Mind 

Beauty and perfection exist all around us. They are contained within every breath and within every moment. The only imperfection we encounter is the incomplete nature of a physical-based consciousness that limits our ability to see all that is before us.

When our vision is limited, we tend to project our own incompletion and need for healing onto the present moment. If there’s anything we perceive as missing within our present reality, this is a tip-off that we’re projecting the template of our own consciousness onto the moment.

This projection is actually beneficial because it provides us the opportunity to stop and observe and define for ourselves just what appears imperfect in our reality. By doing so, we receive clues as to changes we can make to transform our own consciousness so we are able to perceive the divine perfection present within every moment.

Love and Blessings are Bio-Available within Every Moment

Every moment contains the wealth of information we need to live fully within that moment. When we live fully within a moment – with ‘full throttle’ perception of what exists there – we are able to distill spiritual understandings at the quantum level. When our understanding grows, our conscious awareness grows and joy and love multiply exponentially. Time and space become flexible. A month of linear time may equal a year of “vertical” time. As we transcend space, we begin to have awareness of locations beyond our physical coordinates.

Blocks and Filters to ‘Full-Throttle’ Awareness

Love, abundance and all the blessings of spirit exist within every moment and are bio-available. If we find ourselves unable to access the full spectrum of a moment, we can look to see what may be standing in the way of our expanding consciousness. These barriers can derive from a variety of reasons – most having to do with various screens and filters we have placed on the doorways and access points to our conscious awareness.

These screens and filters may include beliefs, unprocessed emotions, health and physical challenges and limited thinking. As we gain awareness of how these operate in our life, we are able to neutralize any filters that prevent us from perceiving and accessing the energetic field where our potentials reside.

Our Energetic Field is Holographic to All-That-Is

Our energetic field is holographic to all-that is. As such, it contains all the elements of the universe. When we become aware of a new “sector” within our energetic field, we are able to tap into the frequencies, knowledge, wisdom, and wealth that exist within that sector.

At the same time, filters can screen out certain sectors of our energetic field. As we have said, these filters can derive from things such as our beliefs and fears, unprocessed emotions, and undigested pockets of life experience. Our level of enmeshment with physical reality can block whole sectors from us.

For instance, if we believe we are unlovable, our filters will block anything in our energy field that indicates otherwise. If we believe we are all alone in a hostile world, our filters will block segments of the field that show us otherwise. If we believe we are poor or unlucky or unhealthy or foolish or any number of unwholesome identities, we filter vast segments of our potential.

Adopting Expansive Identities and Timelines

On the other hand, if we believe everything is possible, we naturally adopt expansive identities and their accompanying timelines. These allow us to constantly perceive and gain access to new sectors within our energetic field.

This field is complete and all encompassing. It holds unlimited potentials – limitless health, limitless joy, unconditional love, abundance and prosperity, creativity, knowledge, wisdom and guidance. All that we might seek exists there. As we expand to take in more of the limitless nature of our energetic field, we increasingly exist within the eternal sunshine of our infinite mind.

For more on timeline shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta


Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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