Julie Miller


Be Kind to Yourself
Message from Ascended Master, Lady Magda
Channeled by: Julie Miller
January 27, 2012

Hello my splendid children, we are speaking through our dear vessel of late on the subject of Self-Love. How important self-love is to all aspects of your life dear ones. Self-love brings in Self-Forgiveness and Self-Compassion. All three are to not only to be considered but accepted.

You need to have deep self-love in order to know and understand yourself fully and those around you. Also self-love encourages acknowledgement of Self-Forgiveness. Each of you deserve forgiveness dear ones, just as each of you deserve to love, and to be loved. Start with loving yourself dear ones. Once you are able to go into your self through reflection, quality time alone or creating a special moment that is just for you, you will come to love everything there is about you. You cannot only love the good and wonderful things because you are made up of light and dark energies and both require equal balance and acceptance. All the parts or qualities that you do not like about yourself are opportunities for self-improvement. Through self improvement you will discover so much that maybe you took for granted or simply never realized. You will also see and feel the need to forgive yourself for wrong thinking, possibly hurting someone’s feelings, and to forgive yourself. Forgiving of yourself will heal you dear ones, it will release the burden of guilt from any situation you are moving through that is a challenge with lessons to be learned.

When you are able to forgive yourself you are cleansing yourself from everything that is negative from your heart, body and soul. And you are replacing the negative energy with unconditional love for yourself. You need to find this love for yourself before you are able to move forward and love truly and purely from your dear sweet heart. You know this to be true and it has been a struggle. Love is the grandest of all emotions, it has been able to move and touch across many seas from simple love bearing words and has incredible power when the intent is pure and loved filled. I see many dear ones struggle to love purely and unconditionally only because they fear their vulnerable side will be revealed. It is this vulnerable side that is admired. It is not a weakness but it is a place that you find yourself just when you are involved in a situation that wreaks havoc on your emotions. As soon as you notice you are becoming vulnerable, you reach deep within to the very core of your heart and find the courage that is there to move forward. Don’t shy away from loving so openly and purely, the love flow from your heart dear ones. There is always risk in everything everyday. Risks are a part of existing especially when there are so many choices to be made. The risk of loving openly is minimal and easily dealt with by confronting any conflict or someone of a negative nature. You surround them in your loving way with unconditional love and light, you share your energy with them. So much will fall into place for you dear ones when you are able to reach a comfortable level of self-love. You will find a new found strength that is with you always, it comes through in all you do, whether it is in spoken word, written word or in action; your positive light from loving yourself will shine brightly dear ones.

Loving yourself through all your highs and lows of life will manifest healing dear ones on a great scale. You will feel lighter and freer. The simple act of kindness to one’s self is a beautiful gesture of self-love and is highly recommended. Your self-healing dear ones is a process that leads to completeness and directs you to many open possibilities to continue rebuilding your spiritual foundations that will be reinforced with positive energy derived from your self-love. Loving yourself does not at all make you selfish. It is making you more complete and more capable of returning that love to others. There is so much about you dear ones to take into consideration, so much to love. Your life journey is filled with many memories, both good and bad and the growth you received from these times of happiness and of woe gave you the knowledge you have today that cannot be found in any text book.

When you reach pure and unconditional love for yourself you are also opening your heart big and wide, giving room to let in the perfect love from Christ and of His heavenly father. They already accept you just as you are. They do not ask any more from you than what you ask of yourself, and in most cases Christ and His heavenly father asks for less. They ask for you to let them into you heart with the purity of your love and to accept healing, love and support from them; to include them in your life, not only when things go awry but when there is joy also. Within you dear ones is a vastness of great endless amount of beautiful love that holds incredible power to enable you to do anything you set your heart to.

Beautiful children of God our time today is coming to an end but I am never truly far away. Whenever you are in need of comfort, a hug, some guidance or companionship, please ask for me and I will gladly be there. My love for each of you is endless.

And so it is, Lady Magda through Julie Miller

From http://lightworkers.org


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