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Astrology January 9, 2012: Full Moon in Cancer

09 Monday Jan 2012


The Full Moon in “nesting” Cancer today may create greater awareness of the need or desire to balance the home and family arena with work and duties. A harmonious sextile to the lunation from assertive Mars in organizing, correcting Virgo is also a cue for us to become more productive and efficient. This is excellent energy for self-assessment and scrutinizing what we may need to add or eliminate in our lives in order to make more headway toward our goals.

Too, with the Full Moon in domestic Cancer we may find that by doing some de-cluttering in our home environment now, especially removing objects that we do not like, or deem to be beautiful, can also help to free us from the erroneous notion that we are stuck or powerless to alter our life circumstances in general. Also, by taking this action we effectively send a message to our subconscious and the Universe that we are capable of adeptly managing our affairs and can be trusted to do the same in the future, thereby opening the door for more abundance to flow into our lives.

“Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” Cameron Crowe

Today’s Affirmation: I know that every moment is a template for a new beginning and I choose to act on this awareness.

What could you remove from your life today that could help you to move forward?

Happy Full Moon blessings!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2012

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