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Energy Report for January 2012 – by Kate Ann Spreckley

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012, the most talked about year since 2000!  This greatly anticipated year holds many interesting and extremely significant energetic aspects, not only because of the many predictions and prophecies, but also because of the line up of planets working with us throughout the year.  Each month in 2012 the energy will deepen, exposing us to more and more of the feeling realm.  Our feelings and perceptions of people, situations and experiences will shift, greatly changing our experience of reality and enabling us to create a life far greater than we could have previously envisioned.

As we start the year there is a collective sense of excitement and we may feel the need to express our independence and individuality in new ways.  The demise of any remaining illusions will strongly indicate how important it is that we balance our external journey with inward exploration.  By embracing your process of healing and moving to explore the deeper aspects of your psyche you initiate a connection with your innate wisdom and intuition.  By learning to truly listen and trust your intuition you gain valuable knowledge and guidance that will lead you to that which is necessary for your growth and development.  You will be offered the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the situations and experiences around you, which will enable you to recognise that each experience you have leads to a new understanding of yourself, which is a gift that brings you closer to a sense of wholeness and unity with the Divine Creator.

January embraces the Spirit of change as it marks the threshold of an entirely new, not necessarily easier, more intensely personal phase of global transformation.  The energy is complex and will entail an upgrade and update of our current energetic framework.  A greater need for freedom will birth new and radical ways of being that ultimately will have an exceptionally positive impact on all areas of our lives, but may well be challenging and difficult in the moment.  Your fears and negativity will be exposed, which will enable you to release those patterns which cause you pain and reveal your original blueprint for compassion, forgiveness and love.  By seeking to reunite your Spiritual and physical aspects you will engage with your innate power, which will unleash your Divine Will.  This will enable you to exert your Divine Will as a tool to eradicate and free yourself from negativity and fear.  The result will be a greater need to make changes in your life that will gift you with a profound sense of freedom that liberates you from the old, stagnant structures and patterns that have held you back form actualising your full potential.

It is important in this month that you begin preparing yourself for the greater Spiritual life ahead.  You must work to penetrate the centre of life through the realm of the heart to explore the field of dreams and visions so that you may continue to expand your awareness.  As you do so you will perceive the contrasting aspects of yourself and integrate those aspects into the wholeness of your being.  Remember that you contain all that is necessary to bring all polarities and dualism into balance.

In January the Full Moon is on the 9th and will be in the astrological sign of Cancer.  Cancer being a water sign strongly influences the emotions and this Full Moon we may well see some real shifts occur as unresolved situations and issues come up for resolution.  A transformation may arise that will lead you to a more effective arrangement of your world and thus a desire to be more in control of your destiny.  To live by fate alone is to be controlled by circumstances beyond your control, to follow your destiny is to honour your Spiritual heritage and recognise that you have a clear and Divine purpose on this Earth.  New understandings and growth at this time will initiate profound awakenings and the realisation of your Spiritual role in this world.

The New Moon in January is on the 23rd.  Both the Sun and the Moon will be in the astrological sign of Aquarius.  All New Moon’s are a powerful time for new beginnings and this month it is especially favourable as it is also the start of the Chinese New Year.  This year we enter into the year of the Dragon, which is portended, to gift us with the courage needed to face our challenges and to achieve that which we desire.

Mars, the planet of action, also turns retrograde on the 23rd.  During its retrograde motion we will be asked to analyse and recognise what is required to create wholeness within ourselves.  We are being encouraged to make extensive changes within ourselves and our world and Mars retrograde asks that we look at our life structures, our sense of responsibility, our integrity and our accountability.

As January draws to a close we can expect to feel a sense of wonder and hope of the gifts that are yet to come.  The Divine potential of the future is near and as we you move into 2012 trust in the goodness of what is yet to manifest your life.  Instil the knowledge of self-discipline, humility and service.  Find ways to live according to the wisdom of your Spirit.  Be clear about your motivations.  Respond from the wisdom of your heart and move forward with the courage of your hearts convictions!



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