Children of the Sun

Ki of Life Trainings Begin

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To all COS Planetary Light Servers ~ GEO Light Teams ~ Light Transmission Team

  Children of the Sun Group Avatar
2011 Ki of Life Trainings

Through recent initiations, we are finally poised as a matured collective body to serve as an integral component of Divine Causation. Our abilities are greatly expanding to assist as servant of Mother Father God to expand the power of Creation and the cosmic Sacred Fires, by us and through us as the Planetary Light Servers.

In this new year, we enter into a seriously focused training and development phase guided by the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy Council of Light in which to advance our skill sets and entry into higher dimension.

The Foundation of Children of the Sun serves in a role as diplomatic liaison to the Council of Light. Through light and sound ray impression, we receive and implement different activities and qualifications given by the Masters.

The Training Program for all COS Teams and Light Servers

For all committed Planetary Light Servers this focused training and development occurs primarily on the inner planes of consciousness, in the so termed Zero Point energy center, the Void where the Power of Divine Creation resides. Here we will be guided to enfold a reality based on Union with Infinite Creation.

Each month, the Foundation will facilitate a series of group initiations, activations and communications to support and clarify the activities taking place on the inner realms. This will come in the form of guided meditations in which to support our avatar trainings. This will be incorporated into our Planetary Grid Transmissions focus of activity.

This greater development of our skill sets is already deeply penetrating our awareness through many different forms such as dreams, prayer and meditation, Crystalline Grid attunement, intuition, telepathy and energy transference as well as through our imaginations and visualizations.

Purpose of Training

The highest purpose of this focused development is to both accelerate and empower our personal and group ascension while also giving highest planetary service every step of the way.

It is from unity consciousness that we are able to trigger mass activations of Love and Compassion within each human soul choosing the ascension timeline, and, to raise Humanity out from the timeline of suffering.

Some of the key areas of service include:

– To empower the I AM Presence in action as this is in absolute cohesion with all planetary, galactic and universal servers of Light for the ascension of planet Earth.

– To catalyze mass activations of Love and Compassion within each human soul choosing the ascension timeline

– To channel and help direct the great radiation of transforming cosmic light entering the Earth plane while paving the way for a smooth and graceful assimilation by one and all.

– To assist in the encodement of sentient life, land regions and divisive world situations with the electronic patterns of perfection.

– To anchor platinum energy netting which stabilizes a mass rebirthing of humanity’s consciousness.

– To build and strengthen the New Earth Crystalline Grid Matrix of Christ Consciousness

– To implant the Consciousness Grids with the universal qualities of eternal peace, pristine harmonic and radiant beauty in order to quickly fill the void as a result of the mass releasing from human transformation.

How to Participate:

Say YES to your I AM Presence and great God Self.

Your only other requirement is dedication to a focus of personal self discipline while committing to your role as a Planetary Light Server. Every person who is ready to enter into this focused training and development already knows that it has started.

There is no registration or participation fee required. All that we will suggest from time to time is a love donation to assist our time, coordination and expense of our media production and communications.

Please stay tuned in to the communications of Children of the Sun and we will inform you of all activity in this regard.


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