Julie Miller


Always Live Through Your PURE Heart
Message from Archangel Gabriel
Channeled by: Julie Miller
December 28, 2011

Your divine and life purpose dear ones is progressing at your own pace back to merging once again with God. So far it has been a windy road that seems to be taking forever. In fact each incarnation is bringing you increasingly closer to that divine union of Father and child. Your journey includes many renewals of yourself, and new beginnings. Each fresh start and rebirth brings forth a newer and purer you. You cannot go directly back to the infant stage, after all you have progressed so much. But at times you will feel like a wee infant with fresh eyes that see clearer than ever. I am with all new beginnings, whether they are personal, business, municipal or global. I am there with each and every dear soul that is taking a fresh new step with bright eyes and an even brighter heart. 

It is very exciting to begin again. Some new beginnings on your spiritual journey are taking on new roles, learning a new skill, helping others purely for the sake of being generous and charitable. Your spiritual journey includes many resurrections of yourself dear ones. Have you noticed how many times you have changed your course of action? I have. I have been beside you each time, urging you forward each step into new territory. You are strong dear ones and you have proven this deep and inner strength many times over. 

Every restart you take on, you are moving in a purer light that shines a truer you. Through every new beginning, you have moved away from clearing away negative debris, you have accepted and you have forgiven. You have gained knowledge that increased your own awareness and wisdom that is to be shared with others through your experiences. When you act from your heart in all you do, you are showing your Pure self. In every part of your daily routine, make it a habit to always live through your PURE heart, not only some times, but ALL of the time. Every task you set out to do can be included with Divine Love, filled with compassion and with the purity of your beautiful hearts. Try it dear ones, do not be shy but shine your love that fills every part of body, mind and spirit. Shining forth with this much enthusiasm and confidence can be a bit overwhelming for some of you and I do understand this and I will be beside you every time you call upon my name. I will never leave you feeling stranded or alone as you never are. 

Every time you are able to perform a routine task, speak, any action, or thought that is done with the purity of your heart that is filled with unconditional love and compassion is also filled with Divine Light and Love of God. In your terms, “How cool is that!” Even though many of you have woken to a path, a journey or adventure, the call you heard is for you take hold of this adventurous journey that will direct you to a path, your path that will bring you through many challenges and lessons to your own purity at heart and of your God-self. There is so much waiting for you dear ones. So much for you to embrace fully and with love and gratitude. You are filled with blessings each and every day, and you know this, yet sometimes forget to see the simple joys that is always a part of your life. When you learn to work with your pure and loving heart in ALL aspects of your life, you will see more clearly and more often.

Take a closer look dear ones at your most deepest wishes and desires and see them with your heart. Is what you are wanting for your greatest of good? Have you figured out what route you are to take to reach these goals? Prioritize dear ones what it is you wish for most and focus with the  purest of intent on this. Manifest your most wanted wish and desire. Allow your guides to guide you to what it is you need to do that will aid you to reach your goals. You will reach them if you work one at a time with 100% dedication and commitment. You will know which ones are important as these ones that you have put aside will nag at you until you begin and succeed. Listen to your inner reminders dear ones. They speak to you for good reason.

Before I begin to close our discussion today, I would like to remind all of you once again of the strength that is within each of you. You will meet many challenges that will cause you to make necessary changes to your personal life and way of thinking that will also effect your spiritual journey. Take in as many ‘good’ and ‘positive’ things as possible and remember them. Allow these to outweigh any negative emotions to enable you to move smoothly through any tough encounter along your path. Never lose sight of your goal. Each time you emerge into a new beginning, you will gain a new goal. Work ever so diligently to reach that goal, and you will. Never give up dear ones. And when you think you cannot try a moment longer, PLEASE call for me, invoke my presence and I will give you enough support, love, and gentle guidance to get you back up on your feet and progressing forward once again. I have already been with each of you throughout your journey so far, during other unpleasant life hiccups, and I am proud and pleased when you call for me. 

Hiccups will continue to happen and you will continue to learn to manoeuvre through them effortlessly on your own with little help, but in the back of your mind knowing you have a support team of ME. I encourage each of you to keep on trying, continue living through a pure and loving heart in ALL you do each step of your personal life. You will be rewarded by your efforts, pay attention dear ones to the subtleties shown to you frequently as gifts from us of the Divine. And know deep in your heart that you are loved by me and by many others of the Great Divine.

I AM Gabriel through Julie Miller 

From http://lightworkers.org/


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