Jennifer Hoffman

Inching Along at Warp Speed


2011 December 27

Can you feel the energy building as we approach 2012?

It feels like a dam that’s ready to burst as the momentum that is leading to our transformation builds.

At this point we’re ready to leap into the new earth, to release the burdens we have been carrying for so long and are looking forward to a life of greater grace and ease.

Just as we think we have arrived, another issue pops up to remind us that even at higher vibrations, we will move forward in the same way we always have, one step at a time. It feels like we’re inching along but in reality the energy movement is so fast that we are unaware of the changes that are happening within and around us.

When we look forward to changes, even good, positive and helpful ones, we are in danger of living in the future and the lesson of our new energies is that there is no future, there is only the present and, if we choose to make it part of our reality, the past.

Can we learn to live in an unfolding reality where we don’t know what is going to happen next? Can we be in such a state of trust that we can set an intention and then allow the Universe to participate in its creation? Can we release our need to be in control and learn to surrender to the process?

We are currently moving so quickly that we appear to be standing still because as soon as we realize that there is a different reality available to us we are stepping into it, then we create the next one and the next. Each new realization and understanding allows new realities to open up for us but they aren’t permanent because we’re still releasing old energies, karma and belief systems.

What appears to be real is no longer relevant, what we want to be real for us is the new reality and that can change in each moment, with each shift in our energetic vibration.

As we take quantum leaps into these new understandings we are also undergoing multi-dimensional shifts which appear to stop the flow of energy. But as we move into a new vibration, our range of possibilities changes, we are invited to release what doesn’t fit in that range and look for what we can align with. We also choose whether we want that reality or not and no longer have to step into it to make that choice.

Think of it as a cosmic window shopping experience, where we are assessing what’s available before we decide what we want to buy. We don’t have to decide yet, just practice setting our intention and seeing what comes up. The existence of unlimited potential is something we have to learn to accept and we are simply being presented with an opportunity to test drive our power.

When what we can and want to be aligned with presents itself, it will flow into our lives with grace and ease and we will know it’s right because it will bring us peace and joy in that moment, until it’s time for a new level of transformation.

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