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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 28 December 2011

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We are all souls who have traveled greatly to be here at this time. We are all souls who are here to accomplish a great task. This task has been acknowledged as important enough for so many souls from so many different parts of this, as well as other universes to have journeyed here. There are billions incarnated in your world today and there are millions more onboard spacecrafts in orbit around your planet. What has been deemed the most important project this universe has ever seen is the ascension of your planet and her people, as what happens here truly affects this entire universe. 

Many have journeyed here vast distances, and there are even beings who have journeyed here from your future. They have traveled back in time to be here, in service to humanity on our shared mission. This should give you some idea of just how important this project is in light of this information. Ask yourself what you can do to assist this effort. Helping to spread the word of what is transpiring here is a grassroots effort that is vital to our cause.

Without sufficient numbers of those of your world aware of our purpose and their purpose as well, events must be delayed. We wish to proceed with the first contact mission as time is running short. The ascension of humanity and your host planet is the triumphant conclusion to other important events we wish to begin to commence as soon as is possible. Disclosure announcements and the replacement of your government officials who are mere puppets of the dark cabal is of primary importance, and the sooner these tasks can be accomplished the better for all of us.

We are happy to report that news of our presence here is spreading throughout your world quite rapidly. We would like to see this news continue to spread, and your efforts are greatly appreciated as they are the major catalyst, as most of your media outlets are still controlled by the cabal. There are a few exceptions to this, as agreements have been reached with a few of your media companies to release information that can act as a desensitizer for our first contact announcements. We have instructed you to begin making preparations for these announcements as this day is drawing very near. Stock up on household items that you would need to get you through a short period if stores and possibly several utilities are made unavailable for a period of a few days or even a few weeks.
 It is difficult for us to estimate precisely how long it will take for many people to accept our presence and willfully return to their jobs at stores and even utility companies. In time, both your food stores and all your utility companies will become relics of your past, as far advanced methods to supply your homes with food and energy will begin to be made available to you as soon as we are free to land on your soil. Such are the gifts we offer you in peace and friendship. You are our brothers and sisters after all, and we wish you to enjoy all the gifts that make life as easy and enjoyable as possible as we have been so blessed.
Behind-the-scenes much continues and again, you will find little evidence of these proceedings reported in your media. There are, though, a few stories that foreshadow a restructuring of your entire financial and political world. The fall of the Euro Dollar and the replacement of the leader of North Korea are just two examples of events that have been triggered by unreported proceedings. In your skies, increasing numbers of our ships are being videotaped and photographed by citizens throughout your world and the sightings will continue to increase as the days go by. Some of the sightings are, and will continue to be difficult for even the most diehard skeptic to dismiss. This is part of the plan, and we will steadily increase our efforts in this regard. Evidence of our ships can also be seen while utilizing space oriented software programs freely available on the Internet.
Our messages will continue in this manner right up until the moment of disclosure and even for some time afterwards. You will have little, if any, advanced notice of our announcements as we wish not to give advanced notice to the cabal or any of their minions which may allow them time to create a distraction as they have so often done before. Instead, our disclosure announcements will come as a surprise to even our channels and to those of you who regularly read our communications. In this light, do not feel disclosure and first contact are events far into your future simply because no dates have yet to be announced. Due to our ongoing battle with the dark, no advanced notice will be given. Know dear ones, this day will come.
We now have a good idea of when these announcements will commence and they are not very far off. Until then, keep looking to the skies and continue to spread the news of our presence. Every day is the day for you to also work on clearing any past issues that may be left unresolved in you, as these issues are just as important to your ascension as the outer issues of your world. As we have said; ‘as above-so below’ has many meanings for you to understand at this time and this will all become much clearer to you in the days ahead.
We wish you to know that all of our plans are proceeding very efficiently, and the dark forces are losing ground each and every day. It will not be much longer now until we can report that the last cabal soldier has been rounded up and removed from this quadrant of space. This will be quite an historic day for humanity, one of many days that will be written into your new history books in the days ahead. Keep your faith and your hopes alive. The end is truly insight, and your new glorious beginning is so very close at hand.
We are your Family of Light from the stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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