Lenas Stevens and Pat Liles

www.thepowerpath.comDear Friends,The New Moon with a partial solar eclipse is Thursday, November 24 at 11:10 PM Mountain Standard Time. This new moon and eclipse initiates a time period that creates a portal where new information and new ways of experiencing, seeing and feeling become possible. The other end of the time frame is the Full Moon on December 10 that comes with a total lunar eclipse visible in North America.

This window promises to be a time of some intensity and movement as well as powerful opportunity for manifesting. The most important thing will be to keep grounded and focused on what it is that you (not someone else) want out of life. You can create anything during this time as long as you don’t get distracted and scattered around unimportant issues. It is definitely worthwhile spending some time in contemplation and making yourself available to spirit and to your practices. Write some new goals, clean your house, get rid of old papers. Focus on renewal. Continue reading “Lenas Stevens and Pat Liles”

The Oracle Report

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Moon Phase

A veritable cocktail of energies mixes things up today.  Mercury turns retrograde, which brings us challenges with communications, electronics, and travel today.  Patience is needed if you are out and about!  Mercury will be retrograde until December 15th.  Those born under the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will be most impacted by this.  This Mercury retrograde will find us retreating or withdrawing somewhat from our normal routine.  The energy will cause us to go inside ourselves and view what is happening from a new perspective.  We will go into “observer mode” because we are preparing to change something about our lives when Mercury goes direct.  Also, we are going to see how the way we express ourselves (verbally, physically, emotionally, spiritually) has been inadequate.  Conditions will change dramatically for some, prompting moves of all kinds (moves to new places, job changes, restructuring of relationships).  Again, the signs mentioned above will feel this the most.  Today’s New Moon in Sagittarius is also a partial Solar Eclipse.  Those most affected by this have Sun signs at 0-6 degrees of the signs previously cited.  This month it will be important for all of us to plan what we are doing.  Impulsivity is discouraged.  The energy is helping us recognize the truth about situations in our lives that need to be rectified.  It is always a good idea to make a wish or set an intention on the first day of the New Moon.  Consider a wish for clarity about what you need to do to best prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

D. L. Zeta

Suzanne Lie

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Innoncence and Purity

There is an innocence inside us that is so pure and untouched, like the core of a Rose that is just beginning to bloom. We feel that innocence and purity deeply protected by the portions of us that we had to close off, like a Doorway to sacred a room. This Doorway, and the room it protected, needed to be locked and even hidden from a world that was harsh and filled with fear.
Now we are beginning feel that innocence and purity, and we want to open the door and allow that Essence to fill our body and flow out into the world. However, we don’t know if I can protect that innocence and purity once it is set loose into a reality that is not yet fully loving.
If we open this door, will the remaining darkness rush in and extinguish the light? If we open this door, will the purity and love be lost in the shield we have created to protect it? If we incorporate these qualities of purity and innocence into our body, will it become lost in the remaining fear and protectiveness? Continue reading “Suzanne Lie”

Patrice Thompson

Astrology November 25, 2011: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

18 Friday Nov 2011


There’s a New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse on November 25th in adventurous, truth-seeking Sagittarius, putting a spotlight on the various areas associated with this sign: philosophy and our belief systems, religion, politics, publishing, higher education, the law, foreign cultures, and long-distance travel. The New Moon Eclipse is occurring at 2 degrees 37 minutes of Sadge (1:10 am EST).

New Moons traditionally usher in new beginnings, while the more highly-charged eclipses tend to “speed things up,” allowing us to “leapfrog” into the future at a seemingly much faster clip than during a standard New Moon. For example, things that we were maybe expecting to happen at a certain point, down the road, may suddenly be occurring now, at a much earlier timetable than anticipated. Continue reading “Patrice Thompson”

Matariki Dimension

Letting go of the need to understand

23 11 2011

When I was at the Merlin course recently we were asked to `let go of the need to understand.’

It was an interesting exercise … many of us had let go of that need simply by being there … however there were others whose minds were busy trying to `grasp things.’

I feel that I may have been on a bit of a `mind grasping’ soujorn over these past few days.

The mind … like everything else can reach beyond itself when it works in tandem with the heart.

Our minds have been used to (n)r -ationalising everything we come into contact with … the mind likes to separate … to compartmentalise.. to sift and to sort.

However when it joins the heart … when it joins the body and the spirit …. the mind is then like a horse running free in the fields. Continue reading “Matariki Dimension”

Brenda Hoffman

When the Spotlight Hits You, You Will Know What to do

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Special Event: Brenda will be the featured guest on Michael Quinsey’s (Michael channels SaLuSa) “Connecting the Light” http://www.BBSradio.com show Friday, December 2nd at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time / 2 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Summary of Brenda’s November 21, 15-minute, free, channeled show “Creation Energies” on http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com: You have an important role to play in the coordination of this wondrous transition. Your unique skills will be called to action at the right time – just as is true for those coordinating a special event like a new product announcement.


Dear Ones,

The last few weeks were the beginning of energy shifts that will now occur frequently. October, 28 and 11/11/11 opened your channels of communication to those in the Universes who wished to help expedite you becoming an enlightened member of the New Age. Continue reading “Brenda Hoffman”

Gillian Macbeth-Louthan

The Quantum Awakening

In our lives there are many doorways of change we would like to enter, but like the old hermit in his cliff dwelling we await the sign from above to move into that season of destined change.

Why do we wait for external sources to command our attention and only then make our move toward destined change? At what point does the external sign shift the outcome? Moreover, do we need an external sign to accomplish what seems impossible? Continue reading “Gillian Macbeth-Louthan”

Marlene Swetlishoff



Image Source 

 November 24, 2011

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love called leadership. This quality enables One to uplift and inspire those around them with their passion and enthusiasm, with their unfailing goodness, fairness and integrity. A good leader has the ability to set a direction and follow through on that direction. A good leader always chooses the high road and responds from a place of harmonious balance within themselves. They are willing to ‘walk their talk’ and never ask others to do what they themselves would not do. A good leader can always be relied upon in any situation, bringing their organizational skills and capabilities to be applied in the achievement of the highest outcome. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

Shanta Gabriel

Living Life in Thanksgiving

22. Nov, 2011 in Messages from Archangel Gabriel 0

Dear Ones,

Gratitude is an attitude that can profoundly change your consciousness. When you live your life in thanksgiving, it can affect your being at a biological level, training your mind and body to live in a higher state of health and wellbeing.

The creation of new attitudes of thanksgiving in your life attract new streams of light-filled energy to bless all that is honored in this way. When a blessing of thanksgiving is made in any moment, it confers light-filled Divine energy upon the person who sends it, as well as the situation being blessed. In challenging times it may seem difficult to find something to feel grateful for. In spite of this difficulty, one way to create a positive change in your life is to give thanks for what you have now. You can even give thanks in advance for what you want to create. This allows a shift in your consciousness so that you begin to attract new beneficial energy into your life. Continue reading “Shanta Gabriel”

The Oracle Report

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Balsamic Moon Phase

Today there is a need to be more thoughtful and cautious, taking into account the wider picture because the tendency will be toward impulsivity (and possible anger and aggression with Mars squaring Pluto).  Mercury will go retrograde tomorrow (appear to move backward in the sky) and will remain so until December 15th.  Mercury retrograde causes difficulties with communication, telecommunications, electronics, and travel.  Themes that are going on in your life now will be re-worked while Mercury is retrograde.  This Mercury retrograde will be particularly strong because it occurs on the same day as the New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more information.


Greg Giles

23 November 2011 – 7:57pm |  Greg Giles

You are not pushed or pulled into traveling certain directions. Your guides, your Angels, and your higher self merely guide you gently on your journey. The avenues you may choose to venture are always your choice, and we of the higher realms honor each and every decision you make. Whether you realize it or not, you always make a decision at every crossroads you reach. Today is a new day, and with it brings new choices to be made by you, the adventurous traveler. We see the paths that lie before you, and if you could see these from our perspective, perhaps you would make a different choice sometimes. Think not of your choices as those of right or wrong, but try to see that all are learning experiences, and it is through these experiences that you move closer to the realization of your goal to once again soar with the eagles of the higher dimensions. Many of you will soon be living this dream, and you have many long and hard years of experiences to show that you have earned it. Try to see the changes around you not as catastrophes in the making, as we have said many times, ascension will be experienced differently by all. Many aspects of the old paradigm must crumble before the new ways can take root from the newly created fertile soils. Continue reading “Greg Giles”

Carolyn Ann O’Riley

A Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled Through and Written by Carolyn Ann O’Riley

The Lens of 2012

Greetings! My Beautiful Beings of Light. Another mile marker is approaching that has drawn all sorts of prophecy and expectations both real and imagined.

Yes! My Beloveds there are all kinds of alignments that are coming to fruition. There is much buzz about this timeline and what it signifies.  

The truth of the matter My Beautiful Beings of Grace, you asked to be here. You stood in line to volunteer to come. In your volunteering you asked to witness all that is transpiring not just specific dates and time lines. You even  glimpsed, before accepting this incarnation assignment,  the agenda and saw partial pictures of what is to be before ever materializing into this physical form.

Your personal pre-incarnation scripts are filled with what your specific missions are. These scripts are not stand along stories, but interlock with all the other participants within the Earth Plane, down to the smallest of particles and energy modules. You are all integrated into a finely woven master tapestry that works in conjunction with all the other players. Continue reading “Carolyn Ann O’Riley”

Gaia’s Daughter of Truth

Shields and Intuition

We received this comment/question related to Our message on Intuition (Trustion your Intuition)

OK. Intuition is as much a part of life as breathing. But in the same way if I had to consciously process or act upon every breath I take I’d die of exhaustion or suffocation in less than an hour. In 20 minutes I can receive more intuitive hits than I can carry out in 20 years. Give me a way to filter the intuition so that it isn’t crushing me daily.
We tend to use analogies quite a bit, it is the best way We have found to explain certain concepts or show a reality from a different angle. We have noticed that sometimes these analogies are taken more or less literally and are analyzed. In this instance, We simply wanted to state that intuition is a natural element found in all of you Earthlings – males and females. The way your world is built, female intuition is rather respected, even encouraged and honoured, but not so much male intuition. Of course, We could have said that, but We see these messages as a springboard, a tool to propel your own thinking and growth. 
Male intuition is on the rise. Or more accurately, it is more and more present in their lives, and quite often, they have no clue what to do with it, so they do what they have been raised to do with these types of things…

Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa, November 23, 2011

People power is growing and what you are seeing around the world is how successful you can be when you group together in a common purpose. It may take time to achieve complete success, but once you set the ball rolling its momentum will carry it forward. Governments will take note of your demands or ignore them at their peril. You have created the conditions that allow us and others to come to your aid, and naturally we work behind the scenes, and our influence helps direct activities in a way that is beneficial to you. As you know we monitor what is happening now, and also what is planned by the dark Ones. We endeavour to set you on a path that is the least volatile, and likely to avoid violent confrontation. The more the authorities clamp down on peaceful demonstrations, the more support they gain. The world population is waking up now as to how it has been enslaved for eons of time, and will not cease its claims for change until the people’s sovereignty is returned. Continue reading “Mike Quinsey”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Balsamic Moon Phase

Today, each of is us is like a deep-sea diver in an ocean filled with whitecaps.  On the surface, lots of things (emotions, beliefs, ideas, dreams) are being stirred up, but we need to go deeper to see what is really happening.  This means that whatever is being presented actuallly has its source underneath (deep inside).  So if you or someone you are with is upset or angry, there is a deeper reason for it than what is being projected.  Try not to take things on face value today.  It will be very easy to be reactive today, but we would just be whipped about by the wind for no good reason at all.  Take the “charge” out of today’s energy by “escaping” below the surface (go inside yourself).  And don’t take on board what doesn’t belong to you.


Barbara Hand Clow

Sagittarius New Moon: November 25, 2011    View Chart
1:10 AM EST; Washington, DC

The New Moon in Sagittarius has arrived! It is a subtle partial eclipse that encourages us to go within to discover the spiritual fire. This lunation is quiet and meditative, so it could be easy to just pass it by. Meanwhile, it is an optimal time to strengthen our multidimensional connections, since this New Moon culminates in a very intense total lunar eclipse on December 10. This will inspire a huge reality shift when the world realizes that the huge changes already in gear cannot be stopped. Those who follow these readings know the Mayan Calendar influence has culminated, and now we flow into 2012 seeking a whole new relationship with Earth. In this sense, 2012 is as important as the wild Universal Underworld time acceleration just completed on October 28, 2011. As we prepare for more great shifts, this New Moon is the perfect homeopathic remedy to wake up our cells; the coming times require cellular intelligence, the ultimate form of human unity. Continue reading “Barbara Hand Clow”

Sheldan Nidle

November 22, 2011

10 Cimi, 19 Xul, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return with more to say about your world and its divine transformation. As Gaia moves ever closer to altering your surface reality, the Agarthans are using their abilities to prevent the dark from having any hope of mounting a comeback. Right now the Agarthans have teamed up with our Earth allies and a general plan has been put into effect, the first part of which was the dismantling of the vast network of underground and deep underwater bases maintained for decades by various secret governments. This major military action has now been achieved. Continue reading “Sheldan Nidle”

Jafree Ozwald

The Magical Core of Your Being

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Know that the Self is the rider, and the body the chariot;
that the intellect is the charioteer, and the mind the reins.
The senses, say the wise, are the horses; the roads they
travel are the mazes of desire. The wise call the Self the
enjoyer when it is united with the body, the senses and the mind.”
~ The Bhagavad Gita

The most amazing things that have happened to me in my life all occurred the very moment I stepped out of my way, and relaxed into this eternal moment of now. When the mind is set aside, you’ll notice there is this sense of great trust in the entire Universe. You feel that everything truly is perfect exactly as it is. From this place you can relax deeply enough to access the innermost core of your being. This is where you will experience yourself as divine, and can know your connection with an all-powerful intelligent energy that is already helping you manifest everything your soul needs on your path to enlightenment.

The innermost core of your being is extremely magical.  It defies the laws of what the world believes is possible and not possible.  To arrive there you must simplify your mind, hold strong your intention, and be receptive to the experience of “pure being”.  You must have tremendous courage and surrender yourself fully to have any experience of it.  Approach it as if you were watching your last sunset on Earth, so take an infinite dive with your whole being into it!  Continue reading “Jafree Ozwald”

Simone Butler

December 2011: Out of the Comfort Zone
This entry was posted on Sunday, November 20th, 2011 at 8:47 am.  

Confrontation is not my strong suit. As a child, speaking up meant harsh condemnation. In conflicts with Dad, I always lost. So, I learned to pick my battles. I’d remain mute at family gatherings when Grandpa embarked on a bigoted tirade, or my cousins mocked astrology. What was the point in taking them on? They’d never come around to my point of view. Instead, I decided to surround myself with those who hold views similar to mine and try to ignore those who don’t.

But now I watch in amazement as the Occupy movement spreads. People are taking to the streets, daring to speak out on behalf of what they hold dear—freedom, equal rights, democracy–and risking the wrath of authority. I was in grade school in the late Sixties when widespread public protest last erupted. That was when devil-may-care Uranus joined hell-raising Pluto. Now we have the square from those same planets (through 2015) and, like clockwork, we’re starting to see similar results. Though I stand in solidarity with those who protest corporate control, I’m not out in the street with them. Yet reading columns like this one by Chris Hedges reminds me what’s really going on. And, who knows what I’ll be willing to risk by next summer, when the square becomes exact.

Meanwhile, this Thanksgiving could spark ideological battles that challenge everyone’s comfort zones. The Sagittarius New Moon eclipse (Nov. 24 at 10:10 p.m., PST) coincides with Mercury turning retrograde. Mercury stations in fiery, opinionated Sagittarius, making it easy to take offense at perceived slights. Confrontations or miscommunications are likely, as this solar eclipse thrusts the sensitive, emotional Moon front and center. And, because the Sun and Moon square touchy Chiron and aggressive Mars, many a family gathering will be the site of old wounds revisited. Yet the New Moon also trines independent Uranus in Aries, encouraging us to forge our own path, (tactfully) express our opinions and stand up for freedom. Continue reading “Simone Butler”

Denise Le Fay

Today is 11-22-11 which indicates it’s a rather unique day energetically; a day of Master numbers of Unity.

Some keywords for 11 are— Master Light, birthing and anchoring the New. Some keywords for 22 are— build within the New, intentionally creating in the New Earth and timeline.

Despite whatever is (or is not) happening around you, use today’s Master numbers to Consciously Create and plant 5D High Heart seeds in the very new energy fields. They will grow faster now than ever before because we’ve exited the old Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar. Plant wisely and from as high a place as today’s numbers indicate.


November 22, 2011