Marilyn Raffaele

NOVEMBER 27, 2011

Greetings dear ones, once again we come to wish you a very happy holiday season in all that you celebrate at this time.

We see many getting caught up in the false sense of this holy time through the encouragement of those who would have you believe that love equals material things–that the more you give or receive, the more love you are showing or being shown.  Please be aware that this is a concept of the old energy, a concept that has grown through the  years  since Christmas was first celebrated in the ways you now celebrate.  Please try not to equate love with  material things.  Yes, gifts can represent  the love you hold for another, but they are only that, a representation. Love can be expressed in many ways.  Ask yourselves as you shop; “What is my intention in this purchase?”

These present times of apparent  lack  are  causing the push for more and more consumerism.  It gives the human mind a sense of security to be able to purchase or sell.  Please be aware of this as you go about your holiday shopping.  Keep yourselves  centered in truth and  aware if you find yourself  getting caught in the frenzy to consume, buy, and be a part of a frantic race for more and more “stuff”. Over the next few weeks you will consistently be given the message that buying equals love, try not to become hypnotized.

It is an important time for all on earth, for as we have often said, you are quickly moving into a new dimensional energy.  The energies of Light now pouring into earth  will only increase during the coming months.  Be aware of this, for it is bringing to a conscious level all those  issues  needing to be looked at and released in order for you to integrate the new energy.  Because of this, you may  experience intense emotions that confuse you or you may have odd aches and pains.  When this happens, go within and ask, “What am I believing about this?” or “What experience is this emotion bringing up for me to examine more deeply–what is this trying to tell me?”  These are the questions to ask yourselves, for these experiences are not just happenings with no purpose. Please do not say to yourselves; “I am so depressed, I will take a pill”, for in that, the lesson will be lost and will  keep reappearing until it is seen for what it is. Often  the same issue will appear in many forms until you begin to understand the underlying message.  Energy and clearings are now reaching critical mass for those choosing  to proceed deeper in their spiritual evolution.  Now is the time to look deeply at everything still holding you in bondage to what is old and finished.  At this point, every emotional event in your experience  is trying to help you uncover and release anything that could act as a barrier.

Concepts and beliefs have been brought forward and continued from the  consciousness of time  periods past.  Three dimensional world consciousness is a  “soup” all  these beliefs often based in fear and ignorance.  Because man did not realize his innate spiritual power, the thinking prevalent in  each time period was foisted upon the general population by those in power.  Individuals were never allowed to (or even realized they could),  make choices from their heart center. There were  exceptions of course in those evolved beings present on earth during each time period, but most of them were fatally punished for  non-conformance.  It is this universal and impersonal “soup” that must be recognized and detached from, as it presents itself to human thought throughout each moment of the day.

The world is in a difficult but similar  state now, for media of all sorts–news programs, and the world in general, wishes mankind to continue in all the ways that have worked in the past, not realizing that the energy that supported these ways is now dissolving.  Not everyone who promotes what is old intends for you to stay locked in what is finished, they are simply ignorant of the fact  that there is a huge change of consciousness breaking through and so  they continue to preach what they know.

It is time for all seeking ascension to come out and be separate.  That is, to practice what you preach, read, study, and know.  Each bit of truth must be lived in order to come alive and thus become your state of consciousness,  then more will be given.  Truth cannot simply be read and appreciated, then left to wither on the vine, it must be practiced and lived until it becomes your state of consciousness but this is your choice, dear ones.  We realize that we say this often, but it is because it is vital now that you choose either to move forward or stay in what is finished and evolve at a later date.

This coming year will bring changes to many areas of your ways of being and doing– not just personally.  You will see a ground swell of those who no longer wish their lives to be  “business as usual”.  It is going to manifest in all areas of  government, medicine, and religious institutions as mankind awakens and begins to trust their intuition and  inner knowing .

You, the people of earth, are the changes that occur. The Galactics observing earth, or  some “pie in the sky” concept of God  (still being held by many),  can not come  to earth and change things for you. The outer  always reflects consciousness- Mind interprets and forms the material world from consciousness.  As personal and world consciousness becomes more enlightened, the outer will reflect this in higher and better forms. You will see those who benefit from what has worked in the past, putting up great resistance to change.  However we see that as more and more light  enters the heart of mankind, the outer will change because anything  based in illusion has no law to support it or hold it in place.

Be of good heart dear ones.  Although it looks as if nothing is happening, it is, and soon you will see that in your outer world.  Begin to see though the loud words and thoughts of those who pretend to serve, but who actually hope to benefit  themselves from your ignorance.

Your job is to work on knowing who and what you are.  Meditate, ponder, and live each day from your highest sense of truth and it will unfold deeper and deeper.  This then will manifest in the outer as the new, the higher, the truer,  Light of a new world order.

In love, we are the Arcturian Group.

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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