Unity and Embracing the Collective Shadow

Recently I’ve noticed that many Lightworkers still seem to be stuck in the polarity concept of ‘Them and Us’. For many years we’ve all felt this separation strongly – without this polarity thinking, we couldn’t have done what we did. So it was necessary for us to think in terms of ‘Them and Us’ in order to become Lightworkers – how else could we have known what to fight? Without knowing the opposite of the Light that we have been working with, we would have had no drive to do what we did. It was the dark, which represented everything that is abhorrent to us that spurred us on to bring in more and more Light. Now that we have managed to bring in enough Light for Ascension to be a certainty, we can give ourselves a well deserved spiritual pat on the back. However, as we are now looking forward to fully moving into the fourth dimension, knowing that we have overcome the third, we have to start to adjust this third dimensional – polarity – thinking to fourth dimensional thinking.

Leading up to 11-11-11 we, as Lightworkers, were all given the impetus to embrace and clear the last of the emotional debris that we carried with us. This was necessary in order to be able to enter the portal of 11-11-11 into the New 4D Earth. In other words, we have all embraced our personal shadows or negative parts/energies and brought them into the Light to be healed. Now it is time to do the same with our Collective Shadow – the Shadow of the whole of humanity.

We’re into the next phase, which is about working towards UNITY. In order to achieve Unity, we have to leave all thoughts of separation behind. This won’t be an easy task, but we need to realise that it is because of ‘Them’ that we have come this far. They did what they did because it was in their contract to do so, so that we would do what was in our contract to do. Some of them got stuck in the role they’ve played for so long and don’t want to give it up, but they are ‘on their last legs’ so to speak – ‘They’ are on their way out and they know it. Looking at things from this angle helps us to get to a place of balance, without judgement – a 3D habit we must now leave behind.

UNITY means INTEGRATION of all parts – a COMING TOGETHER – a JOINING AS ONE. As ‘They’ are also a part of ALL, this means that we need to get to a point of compassion and forgiveness that allows for Unity and includes them. Many of us have used the Light as a Sword of Truth up until now, in order to defeat the dark. Now we must use the Love of the Light to embrace those whom we have seen as enemies and accept them as a part of us – of ALL. Just like in the Yin/Yang symbol, one cannot exist without the other.

We are the Wayshowers, the Teachers and Leaders, and must lead by example. In the same way that we have embraced our own personal shadow, we must now work towards doing the same with the Collective Shadow. Even though we were not personally responsible for the actions of the dark forces we, and the whole of humanity, were indirectly responsible because we allowed what they did to happen. Like it or not, we must all shoulder some of the blame. We have to collectively embrace the Shadow of all the pain and suffering, in order for ALL to be healed – it is the only way to create Unity.

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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