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Activating Awakening Codes and Embracing our Divine Merkabeh

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New Earth Blessings and Luminous Light to all! The following are two channelings received from Source and El Morya, about Activating our Awakening Codes and Embracing our Divine Merkabeh, via the 11:11:11 Galactic Gateway and Divine Portal of Light.



Dear One, It is I, Mother~Father God, Knowing in Full Faith and Strength, Light and Grace, that the Keys of the Kingdom are now yours once more. They have always been yours . . . but through a thick veil of disbelief and masked reality before. Now, once again, they return to you, to your conscious beingness and your Divine Matrix, to live and be as you wish, without struggle or time lags, to make those dreams be so.

Dear One, Time Time has a purpose . . . to allow each Divine Child and Spirit of the Creator . . . to learn and grow . . . and know How to create. In Timed Time, Conscious Creatorship takes stamina, persistence, inner desire, and vibrational alignment. It is a training program, a divine school, to come to earth, in veiled consciousness times. You have done so, as have many, many others over millenia. What is extracted in such experiences is the marrow of knowing, Vibrationally and Experientially, the etheric value of Conscious Creatorship, and the Vibrational Responsibility of Knowing the Creative Power of Every Minute Particle and Every Thought Ray that emanates from your Beingness. Fear is explored and known. Only in veiled consciousness can this be explored. Light is also explored, through caves and caverns of fear, usually, in this school of divinity. You are your own mentors. The Divine Matrix is your wand. (Showed me, perceptively, how we in 3D have seen the Divine Matrix outside ourselves. And how many of us have worked with the Divine Matrix as a wand, yet a wand outside of ourselves.)

In higher dimensions, your own energy field is The Divine Matrix itself. You are the Light returning Home to its original Self, its original form. And in doing so, you activate and graduate a new level of your Merkabeh . . . your own Light Rays of Creative Source Power. In this new and renewed field of 5D+ energies, your DNA codes are the Fields of Light from which Quantum Creations Birth. The Divine Matrix of the Universe is in complete Harmony with each individual Merkabeh, for Love is now the expressed form of All That Is. After having 3D experience and knowledge, there is no resistance in the vibrational field of the One. All That Is is allowed to flow and to flourish. New experiences of expansive Light are called into form. And the energies of the Divine One reign, as Conscious Creatorship governance, of the new world, or the new earth.

The Keys to the Kingdom are Within. Activated now as the Holy Grail. Much more will awaken in rapid succession now. Your work is to stay open to the Divine Matrix Within, and consciously allow this awakening. Open your heart and chakras and cells to the Light that is calibrating the codes from within. The 11:11:11 portal is a conscious precipice . .. through which many will walk now . . . into the Light of the New Earth’s Ascension. Those not ready for Conscious Creatorship at this level of Light will remain behind the doorway, within themselves. Codes will be there to activate, but the conscious connections and threads within . . . to what the codes mean . . . will be dull . . . and unuseful as yet to them. They will not know how to use their new codes of Light, and thus will return to Source, in Spirit form, to re-charge, and re-member, in that form of renewal. The key now is conscious allowance at the soul level. The turn key is the awareness of the Time of No Time, and of allowing Divine Light to Lead the Way into a new level of understanding . . . Divine Eternity. All is well. There is nothing more to do or to be right now. Just Conscious Creatorship in the All That Is, that flows through an activated Divine Matrix and Field of Light. All else will be known to you, for it is already of you, and within you, and within all things. Blessings, Divine Love, and Light to you. You are well. And All Is Well.


Dear One, It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame, and Teacher/Reminder of your own. The universe is opening a galactic portal on the 11:11:11. It is a galactic portal in an astrological/cosmic sense, as well as a divine gateway for the individual body/mind/spirit matrix . . . to shine a deeper Source Essence now within the human experience. Much is being shared through channels like yourself, of this time, this shift, this new energy and matrix for all. What I wish to share today is the knowing that your Divine Blueprint of Light is the Merkabeh. Merkabeh meaning the Ancient Scripture/Scroll understanding of the Field of Light and Divine Matrix in all things. All things have this energy field. All beings, particles, cells, etc. It is an interactive world . . . where separation is the illusion, and interconnection – the reality. Thus, within your Energy Field, Divine Matrix, or Merkabeh, each being has the ability to interconnect and interact, at will.

Conscious Creatorship is an expansive level of soul understanding, in which the Merkabeh knows itself to be what it is. And all things align with this self-love and self-understanding.

The codes activating on the 11:11:11 are codes that are subtley undetectable to those who have not awakened and attuned their vision (inner and outer) to the One. All will pass through this Light Portal. But some will know how to use the new frequencies for interconnection and cosmic reunion. And some will remain entranced in the illusion of Timed Time and Separation. The awakened codes will prove essential for the work that is to be done by the Earth Weavers, the Light Weavers. Bilocation, teleportation, telepathy, and much more all become part of the One again – yet anew. The Gratitude for, and Appreciation of, these new codes and abilities will expansively define the new world unfolding for all.

We recommend being in a place of ease and light, to receive the awakening code activations. They will alter your genetic frequencies, and a new species of Luminous Light will be born. For some, gathering with other people will bring this ease, comfort, and light. For yet others, solitude and sanctuary will bring the ease of integration sought. There is nothing to do, but to open and allow the new frequencies. Welcome them. Appreciate them. Love them. They are particles of Source Energy, returning to conscious awareness, in every being on the planet. They are the parts that will make everyone feel and know the Wholeness, when many have simply intellectualized it. It is as if years ago, the Merkabeh was like a car. A mode of transportation. Only this was a mode of cosmic transportation and interconnection. And for this divine experience of 3D expansion, the cosmos and the earth supported having some major parts taken out of the car. It could run, but not as smoothly and easily as before. The inner mechanics and wiring for tail lights (which communicate with other “drivers” one’s direction etc.) was veiled over. So the physical lights outside the car were there all this time, but there was no mechanism there to support their function. Not perceptively, anyway. The car’s engine was still there. But many aspects that kept the car in perfect flow were veiled from you, and the car’s functioning itself. You knew there were inoperable parts in there, that seemed familiar but just beyond the level of knowingness to you. And over time, all accepted the structures that remained in place, but were inoperable, as the norm. What is happening on the 11:11:11, is that the parts and function of the Whole is returning. The cosmic energy that supports the frequencies to operate all the codes and parts synergistically as One . . . will be activated and integrated. The parts will once again run and work and shine together, as a synergistic Whole.

And then . . . the tendency to intellectualize Oneness and Wholeness will fall away, as the electrical wiring and divine fibers of the Cosmic Interweave and Divine Portals . . . activate this awakening reality. Oneness and Wholeness will be your experience. The mode of cosmic transportation and interconnection will be fully activated and operable.

So you see . . . the 11:11:11 is a reunion with Source Energy of immense proportions. It is a joy-filled reunion, on many levels. Take the time you need to know what your heart desires on this cosmic holiday. For it is truly a time of celebration, love, and reconnection.

Blessings Dear One. Much Love and Light to you, in your coming Home process.

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