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NOVEMBER 11th     11:11
On 11-11, 2011 millions of people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species… a new reality.  The very real physics that connects human consciousness with molecular structure will be harnessed en masse during the largest scale simultaneous manifestation transmission in recorded history. See and POWEREFUL 11:11 GLOBAL LINK UP and
The doorway opened through the Belt of Orion 11.1.1992 as we move/d through the 11 gatesto the December Solstice 2012. Now as the energies heighten  the Eleventh Gate opened at the February Solar Eclipse 2008 and anchored at the September Equinox as the Light that illuminated us awakened such inner strength, our Inner Light,  to create change and embrace all the old limitations in divine love and acceptance,
moving into the lighter you and Earth, Solar System.
The 11:11 is the doorway of Oneness, we are given the opportunity to embrace in love all duality and become the One Heart, own our Divinity and create the dimensional shift within ourself and Earth. We move into No Time, a state of Being and into the void, the silence where all is manifest. As the Mayans say time ends at the end of their calendar 2011/2012,
which means we make the dimensional shift and become multi-dimensional beings. The 11:11 is the unifying of duality, Oneness, so a day to focus on that energy as the vibration of these numbers assist with this.
11 minutes to 11, to 11minutes past 11 morning and night are good times to connect.
A day of Remembrance for peace at the end of World War One, until now we are finding the peace within and the remembrance of our true self and radiant Light. Giving thanks for all those that have experienced the duality and warring for us, so we can find peace.
THE 11:11:11:11:11 = 55 =10 = 1
Time to go within, if you connect to your true self then you are naturally connected to everyone else.
Is all about resolving duality and 11 11 11 11 11 11 = 1 new beginnings with the creator within.
We are still in transition right now and it’s a minefield at times and tricky. We are choosing wether we wish to be our true self and come from love and peace or be a slave to the global elite and life will become unbearable. The number 11 unifies duality, but duality wants to cling on at times within us as we have been cosy with all the dramas and games. But until we realise how destructive they are we will keep on the loop and literally be food for the lower astral lords and reptilians who exist 4th dimensionally and need slaves and fear to survive.

One of our biggest downfalls is judgement; of them, the dark forces and controllers, of other people, of what’s happening, of everything. Whatever we judge we are also judging ourself so we must have that aspect within also. Their gift is as a messenger to show us that which is not loved within until it is and then we are free of the lower astral worlds and duality.
      So on the 11 11 11 11 11 try and spend some time going within, the external world is showing you what you still judge or upsets you. Take some time on this very auspicious energy day to know yourself within and come from that space. Deep breathe in Love and Acceptance to your internal battlers and drama characters until they feel at peace and surrender into the Love.
       If we all went within then we would not have to concern ourselves with the without, it reflects what’s within.
By you going within and Being the peace, that will go out around the Earth and connect into everyone else allowing them also to be at peace, you create it all from within you.
      See Cosmic Events 21st November for meditation to feel peace within.
        This is something a friend sent me via email. Take the last two digits of the year you were born and the age you will be this year and the result will add up to 111 for everyone!!!!
You may wish to read about the ELEVEN GATESthat have all been open since 2008 on the higher dimensions accessible by many and now integrating into the physical realm. The doorway is already open; you are the Doorway, the Stargate, the Crystal, the Pyramid…its all in YOU. Spend time going within and knowing yourself.
Here is a link to connecting to your inner self more fully.
James Tyberonne or ‘Ty,’ the mineralogist and channel for Archangel Metatron, has shared channelled messages regarding the crystal vortex under magnetic mountain NW of Arkansas. He shares that 3 major Atlantean Crystals exist here. The Blue Crystal of Knowledge, which was rebooted on 8:8:8 or 8 August 2008. The Emerald Crystal of Healing, which was activated on 9:9:9 and the Platinum Crystal of Communication, which is to be rebooted on 11 November 2011 or 11:11:11. Please see on
FULL MOON IN TAURUS  18.04 degrees
NOVEMBER 11th NZ 9.16am   AUST EST  7.16am    GMT 8.16pm NOVEMBER 10th
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, in Taurus it is the sensual, earthy abundance of creation and the gifts we receive from Mother Earth, polarised by Scorpio and the spiritual sight to see the beauty and love in creation. A transformative time where we materialise our support and love from Mother Earth in ways that take us deeper into the stillness, a reward for all the transformation that has taken place, a graduation.
Celebrate outside on the earth, under the Moon at a vortex point as you connect through the Crystalline Grid through the matrix of Light that unites us all with the Earth and each other. Surrender into yourself and the Source of all that is in divine love and oneness and if you are ready declare your choice to be the real you, moving forward in wholeness, unity, peace, joy and love as you trust to be the Creator of the New Earth. As you are here to do a new thing, to go beyond what has been before in love, trust and from the wisdom of the Source within you.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY NOVEMBER 11th; 1 (unity, unconditional love, new beginnings) WHITE (North – refines, detached) JAGUAR – IX  (shaman/magician, timelessness, divine will, integrity)
13 (unseen, unexpected change, transcend, presence) RED (East – electrifies, initiates) CANE  – BEN (time/space traveller, skywalker, angelic messenger, new directions)


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