Patrice Thompson

Astrology November 10, 2011: Full Moon in Taurus

10 Thursday Nov 2011


A Full Moon in slow-moving, earthy Taurus today, at 18 degrees (3:17 pm EST), puts a focus on finding contentment and enjoyment in the simpler things of life. It also places a spotlight on our values and can give us insight and clarity on how we are managing our personal resources. Too, what we attract to us is often a reflection of what we value. Maybe If we are unhappy or unfulfilled with what we have surrounding us at this Full Moon, it could be that we need to go inside ourselves and take a closer look at where we have been putting our focus lately. Perhaps we have been putting our attention in the wrong areas, investing our time and energy in the wrong things, and we need to make some adjustments now.  Full Moons can trigger crises and turning points in consciousness.

Mars, the planet of self-assertion and energy, is also shifting from flashy Leo into meticulous Virgo today (11:15 pm EST), the sign of work and health, where it will stay until next July. With Mars in Virgo, there is an emphasis on honing or perfecting our skills. It is also an excellent period for instituting positive health changes. In the body, Virgo rules the intestines and the process of digestion. The intestines break down food particles so that they may be assimilated. Symbolically, Mars in Virgo also poises us to carefully digest our life experiences so that we have practical substance or content to take away from them.

Full Moon blessings to you!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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