November is an extremely intense, fast paced, action-packed month full of unprecedented change and huge breakthroughs. The scope of the breakthroughs we experience will be determined by how True we are. If we are resistant to change, it may be a difficult month. Many people are scared by the vast scale of the changes because it looks like everything is breaking apart and it is. But if we embrace these changes that make space for the entrance of the New and True, it will be immensely exciting.

On November 11, 2011, we will experience a major RESET as the massive Wheels within Wheels click into position, one after another. This RESET represents a Mua of immense proportions. (A Mua is the beginning of a major cycle.) This RESET opens something totally new and sets off a series of triggers that will create a series of Major Intersections of RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE.

11:11:11 is the moment that all our beings have been waiting for, for ages!!! It is an awesome event that will anchor something much huger that we can even imagine.

AFTER 11/11/11:

Many things will click into position on myriad levels. Many of us will be pushed out of our old lives and propelled into our new ones. We will be pushed out of who we were and become who we really are. We will be led to our right people and places.

November’s RESET changes everything. It’s similar to installing a new operating system on a computer. After we do this, some software programs no longer work; others need to be updated. There are new apps and new programs that must be installed so we can fully function in our New True Lives.

After the RESET, we will be reviewing our core beliefs and determining which ones are still relevant. We will be sorting through our possessions, activities and relationships to see what still belongs with us. Many of us will move to a new location. Many will quit their jobs and create something totally different to do that is infinitely more fulfilling.

While some of the profound changes caused by the RESET will be immediately apparent, others will take time to fully feel and integrate. This is because the RESET will spread out into all the directions in a series of waves that increasingly cause more and more elements to click into position. It happens in this manner because we simply couldn’t handle it if everything happened at once and because some things can’t click into position until other elements first click into position.

11/11/11’s RESET will also set off a huge wave of Ho’o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. During the next few months, many of us will find ourselves returning to the places of our old lives. We will go back as WHO WE ARE NOW, True Ones, to complete any unfinished business, to gather up scattered fragments of ourselves, to make things right that were left unbalanced, to let go of things, and to say a final goodbye to The Way Things Used To Be.

This is really necessary because we haven’t realized how much we are weakened by the residue from the past that we still carry. It’s like carrying a large pile of rocks on our backs. We’ve been carrying them for so long that we no longer notice how heavy they are. When we fully step into our True Lives, we will be strong, free and totally ready for them.

The foundations of our New True Lives are not simply an expansion of our old foundations. We don’t just shift the elements of our old lives to a new location. We don’t move from our old house to a similar house in our New Landscape. Or leave our old job to take a similar job in a new location. This is not a New Life; it is simply moving our old life to a different landscape, not to our New Landscape.

True Lives require new foundations that are vastly expanded. If we try to look for our New True Lives from a personal vantage point, we will not be able to see them. True Lives are totally different from what we have known. They require absolutely new ways of living and totally new ways of doing everything.

Our new foundations are not based on personal interests or personal preferences, but on rightness and Trueness. Instead, they are created by coming together with a group of kindred people united in a common purpose. Together as ONE, we create our new foundation. That’s when everything brilliantly clicks into position.

Solara’s complete NOVEMBER 2011 Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

All material copyrighted 1989 -2011 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.


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